2017 Cranksgiving Sioux Falls Spoke-N-Sport

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When:  Nov 11th 2017.  Registration will start at 12 noon with riders leaving at 1 pm and ending at 3 pm.

Who:  Cyclists looking to give back and have fun while doing it.

Where:  Spoke-N-Sport, 2019 S. Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

What you need:  Bike, bag, $10 - $20, lock

Prizes:  $50 SNS Gift Card to the highest scoring male, female and youth (up to age 16).  Prize for the team with the most points.

Registration: See below or click here

What we will be doing:  We will be collecting food items for Feeding South Dakota.  These food items will help provide a warm meal for individuals and families in need on Thanksgiving.  Your part will be to collect these items while riding your bike from grocery store to grocery store.  You will pick up one item at each grocery store before heading to the next.  You will need at least 4 items. You will need to keep your receipt that shows only one item per grocery store.  All riders will be expected to wear helmets and abide by the rules of the road.  This is a fun way for local cyclists to give back to the community.


  1. Must be registered and fill out a waiver

  2. Must pick up products via bike.

  3. Must wear a helmet while cycling.

  4. You will be expected to follow all the rules of the road.

  5. You must collect at least 4 items from 4 different grocery stores.  

  6. You must collect a receipt from each purchase.  On that receipt there needs to be only one item. No receipt, no credit.

  7. Anyone caught buying items for someone else will be disqualified.

  8. All participants need to be back to Spoke-N-Sport by 3 pm.

Food Items: To be announced the day of the event.

Grocery Stores:  Any grocery store, gas station or convenience store.

Scoring:  There is a point system.  
2 points per grocery item.  Minimum of 4.
4 points for each grocery item from either the Food Coop, Franklins, Andy's Affiliated Food and Pomegranate.
3 points for the first man, woman or youth (16 or under).
2 point for every post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #cranksgivingSFSD

Teams:  Compete as a team.  Get 3 or more of your co-workers together to compete together.


I've never done a ride like this before? How does it work?
It's easy. You show up, grab a manifest, figure out the best route, and start riding when we say "GO!". Make sure you've got a bag and a lock, because you're going to need to lock up to run into grocery stores.

What bike should I ride?
You can ride anything that is self propelled with wheels.  The ideal bike would be a mountain bike, hybrid, or commuter bike.  We'd love to see tandems, penny farthings, fixies, fat bikes, bone shakers, tall bikes and anything else you can think of.

How much does it cost to register?
It's free to register, but you'll need cash to buy food at the grocery stores. $10-$20 should suffice.

I can't be there, how can I help?
You can drop off any of the food items needed anytime during the week prior to the event.  You can also invite as many friends as possible to take part in the event.  

Can I register online?
Yes. Registration can be done online and it can also be done the day of the event.  Regardless of when you register, you will still need to sign a waiver the day of the event.  You can register online here: See Below

Registration / Points Collection