Service and Repair

Service & Repair at Spoke-N-Sport

Why does a bike need service?

Your spring starts with a brand new bike.  You head out on your first ride and you feel the wind through your hair and the sun on your face.  Life is great.  You carefully carve time out of your schedule to ride your bike more.  Before you know it you are doing 50, 100, 200 miles a week or more.  Sun, rain, dirt, pavement, wind and maybe even some snow.  You ride through it all.  Your bike gets dirty, you get dirty.  Longer rides require more nutrition which means you're probably going to spill some sports drink or a gel while nearing the bonk zone.  It gets all over you and your bike, you wipe it off when you get home, you keep riding.  Slowly your parts get dirtier and dirtier and stickier and stickier.  You don't notice until you jump into your big try to jump into your big ring and chunk chunk CHUNK!  You are stuck in your middle ring or maybe even your chain falls off. 

You love your new bike but slowly it breaks down over time.  We barely notice it...until....we get it tuned up again.  Preventative maintenance on your bike is important.  It is going to get you out on your bike and down the road and back again.  Not just today but tomorrow too.  We've been serviceing bikes for over 25 years.  We see it happen on all sorts of bike rides and races.  The morning of an event someone grabs their bike and that's when they notice that tire has a cut in it, the chain isn't shifting well.  We don't want you to worry about those things when you ride.  We want you to know that your bike is ready to go when you are.

Take care of your bike before it needs.  There is a list of things at the bottom of this page that you can check yourself.  We are also willing to help you....we want you to love the ride.

What does it cost to tune up your bike?

Basic Tune Up Deluxe Tune Up
Inspect and Adjust Brakes Inspect and Adjust Brakes
Inspect and Adjust Gears Inspect and Adjust Gears
Inspect and straighten Wheels Inspect and Straighten Wheels
Inspect and Lube Chain Inspect and Lube Chain
 $79.99 Precision Adjust Hubs, Headset and Bottom Braket*
Degrease Drive Train
Clean Bike








Complete Overhaul
Inspect and Adjust Brakes
Inspect and Adjust Gears
Inspect and straighten Wheels
Inspect and Lube Chain
Overhaul Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket*
Degrease Drive Train
Clean Bike
Alignment of frame checked
* Some cartridge bearing assemblies can not be overhauled or adjusted



What do you need to do?

1. Check pressure in tires. Use tire gauge when available. Squeeze sidewalls at a minimum.
2. Check tires for tread cuts
3. Grab brake levers with force, not any differences between rides
4. Bounce bike, listening for rattles and odd noises, such as loose headset.
5. Spin pedals backwards, note any squeaky or dry chain
6. Clean/wash if very gritty and dirty
1. Check chain stretch
2. Inspect cable for cuts
3. Clean chain if necessary or dirty
4. Inspect brake pads for wear
5. Inspect tires for tread wear, replace as needed
6. Check hand pump for ability to create pressure
7. Check for bearing play in wheel hubs
1. Grab cranks and pull side-to-side checking for play
2. Lubricate pivot points
3. Lubricate brake and shifter cables
4. Check crank bolts
5. Full suspension bikes, check swing arm pivots bolts
6. Inspect frame for cracks or other anomalies
1. Inspect rims for wear if using rim calipers
2. If ridden in muddy and hard conditions, overhaul bearings
3. Inspect shoe cleats and replace as needed
4. Remove seat post and clean. Re-grease as appropriate
1. Grease bearings if non-cartridge
2. Remove tires and inspect rim strip
3. Install new cables and housing, especially shifting systems
4. Replace cartridge bearings if worn or play is present
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