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Step ONE:  Pre Fit Questionnaire

You're on your way to riding with more power, speed or comfort.  We need some additional info to keep you rolling down the road on the path to better cycling.

Step TWO:  Schedule Fit

Your questionnaire has been filed out, now we need to get your into our fit studio for your bike fitting.

Schedule Fit

What to Bring

Thank you for your interest in scheduling bike fit.  When trying to schedule a time keep in mind that 3d fits typically run about 2 hours with tri bike fits running about 30 minutes longer.  You will want to schedule accordingly.

On the day of your fit you will want to make sure you have the following gear with you:  Bike (in working order), Cycling Shoes, Cycling S.horts, Gloves, Cycling Jersey (sleeveless preffered) and Water Bottle

If time permits, take a 10 to 20 mile ride before your fitting.  Take note of any issues that you have.  These issues may be things like discomfort during or after the ride