Wahooligan Open House

When:  Nov 7th @ 6 pm

Where:  Spoke-n-Sport Sioux Falls

Do you want to start your summer at the same level you achieved this last summer?  Are you tired of your traditional bike trainer set up during the winter?  Imagine next summer when you take your bike outside for the first time and the hills are easier, the headwinds don't beat you up as much.....and....you feel....AWESOME.  Wahoo trainers are your answer.

Wahoo trainers are one of the hottest interactive smart trainers on the market today.  We want to introduce you to the company and the products that they produce and why cyclists are wanting to ride indoors during the winter.

Show up at 6 pm and check out the new products by Wahoo Fitness

Kickr Trainer
Kickr Core
Kickr Snap
Kickr Headwind
Kickr Climb

We will walk through the set up process  and how to use all of these tools to keep you performing at the level you want to achieve.  We will also be highlighting some of the online platforms that allow you to train with your cycling community remotely.

Feel free to bring a pair of shorts and your cycling shoes and we'll get you set up to feel how it works.  

There will be some snacks and drinks.

Don't forget, you must Register!!!

Space is limited

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