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Sector 9 Cosmic Series ABEC 7 Bearing Set
Our Cosmic Bearings provide the perfect combination of speed and maximum viscosity making it a great all around bearing. Rubber coated steel shields remove easily for cleaning and maintenance. Ride hard and enjoy. Contains 8 Bearings & 4 Spacers.
Sector 9 Platinum Series ABEC 9 Bearing Set
Honed to Specific ABEC 9 Tolerances Removable Rubber Shield for Easy Cleaning Nylon Ball Retainer with Grease/Oil Mix for Speed & Longevity High Micron Coating Lowers Co-efficient of Friction It comes with 8 bearings and 4 spacers
Sector 9 Nineball 64mm 78a Wheelset
The Sector 9 Nineballs 64mm are the perfect multipurpose wheels you have been waiting for. Perfect for any type of riding so you can throw these bad boys on any setup you may have. Sector 9 Nineballs 64mm wheels feature a center set hub to give you the perfect amount of grip and slip. Slap them on your double kick for shredding the city, or throw in on your downhill/freeride board for maximum drifting.
Retrospec Quip Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22.5
Quip doesn’t bow down to typical 9-5 standards. Made out of high-strength injection-molded plastic, this complete kit features soft wheels perfect for soaking up all those street bumps and sidewalk cracks all while giving you the smooth ride you expect from Retrospec. Choose between 22.5 or 27 inches of smooth sailing with Quip’s small kicktail and molded waffle pattern for a solid hold on every twist, turn, and last-minute dodge you encounter.
ABOUT THE WHEEL 70mm Butterballs are the original Sector9 Shredthane wheel. A center-set supportive Cosmic Core helps you in rotating the wheels to keep them wearing evenly as you shred them into oblivion and leave thane trails all over your favorite hill. This clear colour version, features a great look and a softer durometer. The 75a urethane mix will provide you with the smoothest sliding ever. ABOUT THE CORE Core technology has come along way and is one of the final frontiers for the progression of the modern skateboard wheel. Many avenues of wheel shape and urethane compounds have been hammered out but, the inner world of the core has been largely unexplored. We have finally stepped up with our own core design, and the list of positives is just the beginning: from increased roll speed, to better controlled slides. Welcome to the new COSMIC CORE! Styles + Slide session + Freeride FEATURES 70mm Diameter 75a Durometer Center Set Hub 38mm Contact Patch Shredthane Formula Stone Ground Cosmic Core Clear Color ABOUT THE URETHANE If the average rider really knew what our wheels went through to make it into our line-up, he might be confortable putting them on his car. On a serious note: these wheels are nitpicked through and through before even become prototypes. Then we dissect them, test them, rework them and test them again. This process often seems tedious, but it has proven successful time and time again. Whether it is our Race Formula, our Shredthane or our Nineballs, these wheels all stand up to the rigors of the road and perform for you when you need them most.
Sector 9 Nineball 70mm 78a Wheelset
Sector 9 Top Shelf 70mm Nineballs are round lipped freeride / cruising / carving wheels. They are soft enough to absorb shock and roll smooth, and hard enough to keep speed. They feature a round lip, which allows for smooth slides and easy freeride. These red longboard wheels will accommodate many types of riding, and will not let you down!
Sector 9 Nine Ball Wheels 72mm 75a
Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 72mm 75a (Set of 4) Wheels are one of the most important parts of any longboard setup, they're the part of the board that (hopefully) makes contact with the ground and are essential to keeping you rolling. These Sector 9 wheels made from high quality materials and measure 72mm in diameter and 75a in hardness. If you're looking to cruise at top speeds with a totally smooth ride, Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 75a are the move. Note: Bearings not included. Features: One (1) set of 72mm Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 75a; includes four (4) wheels Diameter: 72mm Durometer: 75a Color: Purple
Retrospec Alameda Skateboard
Enough versatility for a seasoned skater or those easing their way into four wheels, Alameda was designed to flow between smashing stair sets or taking a casual cruise around the cul de sac. Cruise with 31”x 8” of Canadian Maple, ABEC-7 chrome bearings, 5.5” aluminum trucks, and 95A PU wheels. Alameda’s sturdy 7-ply maple deck covers the responsiveness you want during casual rides or gritty midday urban treks. Hand-selected components, like ABEC-7 bearings and 95A PU wheels, make for a smooth start with your new fav hobby. Alameda’s grip tape and moderate concave assist (that's the dip in the deck) provide you with control to learn new tricks and enough edge to hold down the fort down during quick turns.
Retrospec Rift Drop through Longboard
$79.99 - $89.99
Rift is designed for speed. This board features a unique shape for added balance and improved push-power without the risk of wheel bite as you carve. Reactive and smooth gliding slant reverse 180mm kingpin trucks with precision ABEC-7 bearing for less pushing and a longer, faster roll. We equipped our board with extra gritty and abrasive 80AB grip tape for total control over your balance and ride. Tie it all together with 41” of Canadian Maple for a smooth, fast ride.
Retrospec Zed Longboard Artist Series
We’ve always turned to you and your outdoor adventures to fuel our designs. We’re so excited to finally showcase the finished products from our 2020 Zed Design Contest! During the competition, we received over 150 submissions of your amazing designs. From there a top 5 were chosen by our design team and 3 winners were chosen by YOU! Congratulations to designers Andrew Haan, Julia Goyco, and Tracy Phan for their killer designs. Limited edition only, so when these beauties are gone - they’re GONE. 44-Inch artisan longboard made from sustainable bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple. Rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks. Reactive and smooth gliding reverse kingpin trucks with precision ABEC-7 Bearing, PU casted black bushing-90A. Durable 70x51mm 85A PU wheels with rock finish. Limited edition Zed Artist Series designed by Andrew Haan (Geo), Julia Goyco (Vail), and Tracy Phan (Nighttime).
Retrospec Zed Pintail Longboard
It all originated in 1950s Hawaii with California close behind. Surfers took to the streets by rigging makeshift backyard longboards when adequate surf was hard to find. The classic shape helps improve balance and slice corners with precision and speed. Cruise into a rider’s paradise with silky smooth 70mm wheels, precision ABEC-7 bearings, and a superior grip on your new, long-lasting four-wheeled companion. ZED Pintail not only carries us here and there, but transports us back to a time of sun, surf, salty air, breezy days, dewy nights, and reverb-doused hits of yesteryear.
Retrospec Ripper-500 Kick Scooter
Ripper 500 Scooter comes ready-to-roll with a lightweight aluminum deck, rubber grips, smooth 8”/200mm urethane wheels, and durable grip tape. Achieve fast speeds with high precision ABEC-7 bearings. The higher the precision, the lower the rolling resistance, making for longer glides with every push.
Retrospec Tidal Drop-Down Longboard
Built for speed, Tidal 41-inch drop longboard from Retrospec equips you with the agility and control needed to bomb hills and pivot quickly and responsively. This unique board features a symmetrical drop-through shape for added balance and improved push-power without the risk of wheel bite as you carve. Tidal's deck is lower in the center, helping to secure your feet to the board while keeping your center of gravity low, which provides you with unsurpassed stability and control as you reach greater speeds. So, go ahead and feed your inner speed demon.
Sector 9 Zag Bambino
RIDING STYLE Cruiser DIMENSIONS Length: 26.5” Width: 7.5” Wheelbase: 14.0” COMPONENTS 8.375” Gullwing Mission Trucks 61mm 78a Nineballs ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings 0.25” Recycled Plastic Risers 1.25” Hardened Steel Bolts Clear Grip FEATURES 5 Ply Bamboo Caramelized Bamboo Top and Bottom Plies Kicktail
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