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Shirts/Tops (Casual)

Spoke-N-Sport Buffalo Bike T
Will you get better service? Will you have a better meal? Will people compliment you? The answers are yes and it's not because you shaved or changed out your shampoo. It's the limited edition Spoke-N-Sport Buffalo T. Show your roots and wear them with pride.
Spoke-N-Sport Cruise the Loop Tee
$19.99 - $24.99
The Sioux Falls Loop was closed down in 2003. Meanwhile in other parts of the city the better, greater, cooler loop was just about to be completed. Now, you can publicly proclaim your allegiance to the cooler loop...the Sioux Falls Multi Use Trail! Oh, it's a comfy shirt as well.
Spoke-N-Sport Jackrabbit on a Bike
You're missing something in your life. It's not cool friends to hang out with on the weekends. It's not a well developed pallet to differentiate Mt Dew from Mello Yello. It's not even a closet deep wardrobe of stone washed jeans...... You know want it but you don't know what it is. Here it is.....the Spoke-N-Sport Jackrabbit T'shirt and the confidence to succeed come in the same package.
Spoke-N-Sport 70's Tandem
The family that rides together stays together.
Spoke-N-Sport Fire Dragon
We might get in trouble for this shirt so you should buy it now before someone turns us in. If you know, you know! If you don't know, find your friend that rides a fat bike all winter. They'll explain it. They will definitely want this shirt too.
Spoke-N-Sport Know Your Roots
I think we all remember our first ride. Maybe it was a big wheel, maybe it was a Schwinn Sting-Ray. Regardless.....don't forget your roots.
Spoke-N-Sport Coolest Men's Tech Tank
Do you need a tank that is as cool as that guy that had a mustache in Junior High? Or maybe as cool as a summer snowstorm in South Dakota? We have both those handled with this top. Just to be sure we added an "I Bike SoDAK" logo for added coolness.
Spoke-N-Sport Coolest Women's Tech Tank
Benetton? E-S-P-R-I-T? Treetorn? Aqua Net? Why do you need all stuff when all you really need is this Tech Tank from Spoke-n-Sport. Guaranteed to be the coolest. We didn't need to but we also wanted to add the I Bike SoDak logo. Show your SD pride.
Spoke-N-Sport Ultra Fast Women's Tech Tee
Is it cool? Maybe. Is it stylish? Likely. One thing we are certain is that this is the fastest Tech Tee in the Tri-state area. Don't believe us? Buy one and check it out for yourself. PS: It's also respectful of your SoDAK Pride!
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